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Blazer Pro work closely with their team developing product to make sure that it is up to scratch for you guys!

Take a look at our team here and some of the videos they feature in. We take pride in finding new and exciting riders that push boundaries and look at the sport in a different way to others.

Keep an eye out for them at comps, they'll be happy to sign helmets / decks for you.

Luke Painter
Luke Painter Blazer Pro Scooters Stalefish

Age – 20

Lives in - Wiltshire, UK

Sponsor – Blazer Pro, Dogg Scooters, Mr H, Elyts.

Music – Most music does it for me, just no filthy dubstep!

Food – Good old Sunday roast!

Favourite City/Country – Barcelona has to be one of the best places I have ever been!

Sports/Hobbies – I skateboard a little, shoot photos and video and play way too many video games during the winter months!

Idols – Hep Greg, McKeen, Brandon Killbury, Ryan Upchurch. The list would continue forever...

How long have you been riding? Something like 8/9 years now, seems like a long time but I remember them all too well.

Favourite trick - Front scooter flip whip

Likes about scootering – Just the fun of it I guess, meeting amazing people.

Dislikes about scootering – The hate that goes on in the scene can be overwhelming on so many levels but as long as you keep doing what you have fun with, theres nothing to dislike really.

Joe Martin

DOB - 26/11/1997

Lives in - Brizzle’ (Bristol)

Sponsor - Crucial Scooters And Blazer Pro (Flow)

Music - Old School Hip Hop And Rap – Waka Flocka, Biggie Smalls etc.

Food - any fast food restaurants but the McDonalds breakfasts are DOPE

Favourite City/Country - I’ve been to America but not to ride but, if I were to go to any country to ride, it would have to be Spain

Sports/Hobbies - Photography and Videography is my favourite thing to do along with riding my scooter

Idols - my style is way different to his but I love the way Jon Reyes rides, kills it on a different level!

How long have you been riding? - 3 years

Favourite trick - Don’t Really Have A Favourite trick – but I’ve started to love seshing ledges and rails

Likes about scootering - riding with my friends just helps me boost my confidence with tricks and keeps me riding all the time, I wouldn't be riding if it wasn’t for my homies.

Dislikes about scootering - when younger riders don’t understand the rules of park etiquette and and just get in the way oblivious to everyone around them.

Deano Watton

Deano Watton

Age - 15

Lives in - Birmingham

Sponsor - Blazer Pro Scooters

Music - Rock and Old Rap (Biggie)

Food - Pizza

Favourite City / Country - Brisbane, Australia

Sports / Hobbies - Skateboarding, Scootering

Idols - Travis Barker

How long have you been riding? - 3 years

Favourite trick - Fs Boardslide, Bs Lipslides

Likes about scootering? - People I've met and experiences

Dislikes - Sweaters

Brad Propert

Brad Propert.

Age - 16

Lives in - Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Sponsor - Blazer Pro, DoggScooters

Music - RAM Drum and Bass, bit of Dubstep, and a bit of rock and rap aswell

Food - GREGGS FTW. but an xxl bacon double cheesburger from burger king does kill it...

Favourite City / Country - I love Scarborough in Yorkshire, beautiful place, and has some sick parks.

Sports / Hobbies - I'm a DJ, and perform all over the country, its so sick having a crowd raving infront of you! other than that im a keen photographer and love doing shoots when i can.

Idols - Brendon Smith, Jake Clark, Brandon James, Lewis Crampton and Graham Kimbell

How long have you been riding? - About 3 years I think, but Im happy with how its gone through that time!

Favourite trick - well anyone that knows me, knows i love my briflip combinations, just anything flippy like scooterflips etc, and i love downwhips and lipslides too 

Likes about scootering? - I love how fun it can be, and all of the people you meet, and the things you do through riding, like the festivals and tours etc.

Dislikes - i hate the competition between some people, i mean i know you need a little of it but when it gets out of hand with kids fighting and quitting because they cant do certain tricks, riding should be all about doing it for yourself and having fun!

Alex Robinson-Welsh

DOB - 18/10/96

Lives in - Maulden, Bedfordshire.

Sponsors - Blazer Pro, Dogg Scooters, High Jinx Clothing, Raptor Hardware.

Music - Anything.

Food - Pizza, mayonnaise, ham.

Favorite city/country - Milton Keynes.

Sports/Hobbies - Football.

Idols - Don't have one really!

How long have you been riding - 4 years ish.

Favorite trick - grinds.

Likes about scootering - Fun to do.

Dislikes about scootering - Peoples' perception of it.

Josh Cottrell

Age - 14

Lives in - Knowle, Bristol

Sponsor - Blazer Pro

Music - Drum and bass, Rap, Dubstep

Food - Beef Pot Noodle

Favourite City / Country - Although i haven't been there i would say melbourne, Australia because the parks there look so sick and it just looks like a really nice place. Sports / Hobbies - Scootering, Drumming, Football 

Idols - Ryan Williams, Jesse Bayes, Jake Clarke, Brendan Smith How long have you been riding? - Around 2 years

Favourite trick - Lipslides, Inverts, Fingerwhips, Tbogs

Likes about scootering? - Going to different places and meeting new people, Also meeting and riding with people that you haven't seen for ages and just getting a shred on.

Dislikes - I hate how people get in to stupid arguments over riding, i don't see the point, if you ride because you love the sport then it dosent matter whether you can land a trick or not or if you get beat in a game of pig, You should just ride for fun

Alex Pailler
Alex Pallier Blazer Pro Scooters Noseblunt

Birth date – 22nd July 1996

Lives in – France, Aix-en-Provence

Sponsor – Ysios shop / Blazer pro

Music – reggae/ electro/rap fr

Food – McDonalds or French food

Favourite City/Country – New york and Switzerland

Sports/Hobbies – Scootering / Bmx and photography

Idols –  Brandon James

How long have you been riding? soon four years

Favourite trick – fs noseblunt / buttercup

Likes about scootering – i like trips and meet others riders in the world and riding just for me

Dislikes about scootering - injuries and kids

Kilian Larher

Birth date – 20th October 1995

Lives in – Jouy le Moutier next to Paris

Sponsor – Blazer pro

Music – all songs that motivate and electro songs

Food – kebab, carbonara legs

Favourite City/Country – I don't know, I haved not travelled much. I like French places, Paris and the basque coast.

Sports/Hobbies – freestyle scooter, climbing and all sports with many sensations

Idols – I have not really have idols, I just like people who advance the sport and push theirs limits.

How long have you been riding? - around 6 years 

Favourite trick – combos in 360s and flairs, I like also combos in grinds, and big transfers

Likes about scootering – It's a realy complete sport and it's a sport in constant innovation.

Dislikes about scootering - The ditch between the street and pars riders: for myself the key is vesatility.. and having fun !!

Martial Tyley aka (Bear)

Birth date – 11th February 1995

Lives in - Paris

Sponsor – Blazer Pro

Music – Rap / Trap

Food – Chicken, Potatoes

Favourite City/Country – Barcelona for the environment and the many big spots for riding. I would love to live in the US though, everything happens there.

Sports/Hobbies – Ride and ride.

Idols – Porcial, Monky, Jojo Cajas.

How long have you been riding? Since summer 2009.

Favourite trick - Slides and grinds.

Likes about scootering – The mixing of different styles.

Dislikes about scootering – I don’t like kids who don’t respect the lines in the skateparks, asking useless questions and who don’t have good opinions on freestyle scootering.


Shannon Mason

Birth date – 11th December 1993  

Lives in - Maroubra - Australia

Sponsor – Blazer Pro

Music – Dubstep, Hardstyle, Hardcore

Food – Salad, Chicken and Fruit

Favourite City/Country – France (Never been, always wanted to go)

Sports/Hobbies – Scooter riding, Surfing, Photography and Fishing

Idols – Chris Hart & Coedie Donovan - Street (Matt Mckeen)

How long have you been riding? On my 5th year now

Favourite trick - Flairs

Likes about scootering – You meet heaps of new people and make lots of new friends from all over the country & the world

Dislikes about scootering – Its not on TV yet