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It’s our Birthday! Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2021.

Watch our showreel to get a taste of the amazing team riders that have supported us through the years.

We’re proud of the brand we’ve become, the products we’re developing and the team riders that represent us.

Our mission remains the same now as it did 10 years ago – to constantly develop and support riders of all abilities!

Have a browse through our timeline to see how the brand and products have changed since the brand was born, in 2011.

  • 2011 was the birth of BlazerPro before stunt scootering started to gain pace we committed ourselves to providing high quality and affordable goods to the increasingly popular sport. Starting with various accessories and a range of beginner stunt scooters, this is where BlazerPro started. In 2012 we opened the doors to Europe and began selling completes all over these territories.

  • As stunt scootering pushed the limits, so did our need to develop stronger and better components. We developed our first ‘pro’ level range of complete scooters in vibrant colours. The Ambush complete featured forged CNC cut-out forks and plastic inserts. We also began to start building our European team.

  • This year was the first year we worked with pro riders to develop our own deck, the IG530, with integrated headset and the neck pushed to the front of the deck. We also developed a full range of complete scooters from beginners to pro-level. The Evolution complete featured full core aluminium wheels and an anodised deck.

    • As our team riders grew we began creating parts and decks for our team riders which was made up of street and park riders and we developed our first park and street specific decks, the PK515 an ST540. The Enigma complete was also introduced to the world and featured a fully chrome handlebar and deck.

    • In this year we pushed on our complete scooter range even more by introducing the Diamond complete which featured a cut-out headtube and liquid painted bars and forks. We also launched the Spectre and Cobalt completes for beginner to intermediate riders. Our European and UK teams were both strong and competing at national levels and by this time we had held multiple jams, tours and competitions.

    • Over the last few years we had set our goals on making one of the lightest scooter decks on the market. Working with our team and engineers, we launched the Shaolin deck. Weighing only 1.25KG and in a range of Chrome, Black and Neochrome finishes we successfully achieved our goal. This year was also the birth of the Titan complete, one of our best selling complete scooters ever. Both the Shaolin and Titan decks featured graphics on the bottom of the decks.

      • After successfully creating an ultra-light deck we began work on our first forged neck scooter deck, the FMK1. We launched this deck in 2 sizes for park and street riders alike. We also created our rebellion capsule range which consisted of Clamps, Bars and Wheels. The Seismic complete also came to life in 2018 and was an extremely popular scooter because of its high spec and affordable price.

      • Following the success of the FMK1 deck we put it onto a complete and paired it with a lightweight aluminium bar and 120mm hollow core disc wheels. We also launched the Matrix which was our second forged necked deck alongside a host of other accessories and components. Increasing the skills and capacity of our engineers allowed us to develop more innovative scooter parts whilst keeping the price down.

      • While this year was different for the entire world, at BlazerPro we began to work remotely in the same way we always do and developed some quality products. Our Raider complete was a highlight with a forged neck, bigger dimensions than previous scooters and metallic graphics on the deck. We also launched our best selling Outrun FX complete in Neochrome, Chrome and Blue Chrome which offered a solid beginner scooter. We also created our first ever Shift mini scooter to give younger riders a stunt scooter with amazing spec in the right sizes for them to shred.

        • 10 Years since the birth of BlazerPro we continue to learn and to develop, innovate and create quality scooter products. Working closely with our ever-growing team we still have the same mission to provide high quality and affordable scooter parts, accessories and scooters. Our Raider complete was so successful we launched it in a range of sizes and stunning chrome colours and grew our complete range offering with the 10 year anniversary edition Phaser 2 and Outrun FX Hydrodip scooters.

Thank you for your support throughout the years, we could not be where we are today without the support from our customers and team.